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Pasture Raised Chicken and Woodland Raised Pork: 

Raised with love in Chesapeake City, MD



family2023.JPGOur Mission


At Jade Farm we believe that animals have the right to express their innate need to roam and forage and should be treated with respect and dignity through all stages of life.  We strive to practice farming that heals our land.  We feel strongly that consumers should have access to their farmers. This relationship is good for animals, people, and communities.





Woodland Raised Pork

Jade Farm pigs are raised in the woods and are rotated through different paddocks as they work an area.  Our pigs live in family groups and enjoy doing all the things pigs love to do:  forage, dig, play, eat and sleep outside.  They have access to shelters to protect them from any weather and have access to free feed options and fresh water.  In August 2022 we made the leap and began breeding our own pigs.  We now have the privilege of watching our baby piglets be born right here on the farm!  Our piglets are born outside with their mamas and are weaned when they are ready.  Our mamas farrow (give birth) in cozy huts and we only intervene when necessary.



Pasture Raised Chicken

Jade Farm raises a Cornish Cross broiler from April to October.  These meat birds come to our farm as 2 day old chicks and live in a cozy and safe coop called a brooder house (think chick nursery!) until they are ready to move to pasture at around 2 weeks. The birds then live in movable pens called chicken tractors where they have access to feed, fresh water, sunshine, bugs, and grass.  They are moved daily to fresh grass and checked on multiple times throughout the day.  Our birds are processed right here on our farm by us and some great helper friends.  Pasture raised chicken tastes amazing.  You will know the difference when you try it!








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