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Jade Farm Hot Sauce

We offer a variety of unique and tasty hot sauce.

Green Galaxy Hot Sauce

A jalapeno based, medium heat hot sauce with garlic, cumin, and coriander flavors.

Smoke on the Wadder

Our mildest hot sauce; chipotle based, smokey flavor in a tangy tomato base (adobo sauce).

Hulk's Blood

A great every day medium heat hot sauce. This hot sauce is jalapeno based with a salty honey lime flavor.


A medium/high heat hot sauce that is habanero and beet based. (Beets give it that earthy sweetness!)

Orange Goblin

This is high heat, habanero based hot sauce with carrots and mustard powder (Carrots give it some earthiness and...


One of our best sellers! This is a high heat, habanero based hot sauce with crab seasoning and Jade Farm honey....

Deep State

A medium heat, red ripe jalapeno based hot sauce

Raven's Claw

This is our hottest hot sauce: a purple habanero and ghost pepper based hot sauce with a touch of orange extract....

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