Delicious, nutritious meat from our farm to your table!
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Jade Farm

Baby Back Ribs

Juicy and flavorful, perfect for the smoker or grill.


Bacon is cut from the fatty sides of a hog's belly. It is sliced and smoke cured with salt, brown sugar and...

Bacon Ends

Fry up these tasty bits for soups, salads, and sauces!


One of our best sellers! This is a high heat, habanero based hot sauce with crab seasoning and Jade Farm honey....


A medium/high heat hot sauce that is habanero and beet based. (Beets give it that earthy sweetness!)

Bone In Pork Chops

These chops are great for the grill or stove in any form.

Boneless Pork Chops

Delicious and perfect for any occasion.

Boston Butt

Perfect for carnitas or pulled pork!


Great for taco night! Comes loose.

Deep State

A medium heat, red ripe jalapeno based hot sauce

Green Galaxy Hot Sauce

A jalapeno based, medium heat hot sauce with garlic, cumin, and coriander flavors.

Ground Pork

Our ground pork comes in 1 lb. packages and is perfect for making your own sausages, meatballs, stuffings and sauces.

Ham End

Great for soups!

Ham Steak

One slice of cured ham, perfect for breakfast, soups, and casseroles!

Hand crocheted bag

This beautiful and functional bag is hand crocheted by our daughter Ellie. Great as a small beach bag, carrying...

Hot Italian Sausage

An excellent choice for meat sauce, pizza, stuffed peppers and more! Comes loose.

Hot Italian Sausage Links

Great for grilling, Italian night, and more!

Hulk's Blood

A great every day medium heat hot sauce. This hot sauce is jalapeno based with a salty honey lime flavor.

Jade Farm Honey

Honey from our farm hives! Honey will be back in stock this summer.

Loin Roast

An elegant and tender pork roast. Perfect for your next dinner party!

Orange Goblin

This is high heat, habanero based hot sauce with carrots and mustard powder (Carrots give it some earthiness and...

Pasture Raised Chickens

Our chickens are raised outdoors, and a moved daily to new grass. They enjoy sunshine, bugs, and a local feed. We...

Pasture Raised Chickens Parts

For your convenience, we make our pasture raised chickens available to you in parts so you can buy what your family...

Pasture Raised Duck

Pasture raised duck is a delicious protein source!

Pasture Raised Eggs

Our free range layers enjoy sunshine, fresh air and are protected from predators by electric fencing. They are fed a...

Pork Skin

ON SALE!!! Great for cracklins, fried pork rinds, or dog treats!

Raven's Claw

This is our hottest hot sauce: a purple habanero and ghost pepper based hot sauce with a touch of orange extract....

Sage Sausage

Delicious for making breakfast patties or sausage gravy. Comes loose.


An eastern shore breakfast favorite!

Smoke on the Wadder

Our mildest hot sauce; chipotle based, smokey flavor in a tangy tomato base (adobo sauce).

Sweet Italian Sausage Links

Grill these up for your next game day!

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